Offset Printing

The traditional method of printing. Our Heidelberg presses offer the highest quality and most consistent coverage. We only use aluminum plates to guarantee the best image transfer to the sheet at the tightest registration. It may not be the cheapest way to print but when it has your name on it wouldn’t you want the best? Not only does your business card represent your company but it’s a direct reflection of how you prefer to do business. Have you ever gone into an interview wearing sweat pants?

Digital Printing

We admit, coming from a background of fine engraved stationery Mutual Engraving was very apprehensive about adopting digital printing and bringing it in house. The early digital presses were just really expensive color copiers and we refused to allow such poor quality to leave our factory. Well that was nearly twenty years ago and todays digital presses rival, if not surpass, the quality of traditional offset at a significantly reduced cost to you. Our digital presses have even fooled our own employees from time to time.


This is the Rolls-Royce, the Christian Louboutin, the Cristal Champagne of the printing world...and this where our roots lie. Mutual Engraving was started by our Grandfather who created some of the worlds finest engraved pieces for the likes of the St. Patrick’s Cathedral and The White House. We create the copper die used for stamping in house and with our multitude of engraving presses can mass produce some of the finest works in the printing industry on a corporate level and at a competitive price.


Basically this is engraving without ink and with our engraving credentials need we say more. Customers use embossing for documents requiring a seal (think college diplomas), adding a three dimensional effect to offset pieces, or just giving an elegant touch to personalized stationery, business cards, and other executive printed pieces.


Debossing is Embossing but the image is stamped into the paper rather than coming out of the sheet. It’s letterpress but much crisper and cleaner.

Foil Stamping

If you’d like to give that WOW factor to your printed pieces, next to engraving, there’s no better effect than foil stamping. Adding a gold or silver foil stamp to your printed piece can really put it over the top and Mutual Engraving uses the same engraving presses to foil stamp all of their work. This means the foil will stay where it’s intended to be with no flaking or cracking like those table top versions do.

Laser Thermography

We call this “fake” engraving. It’s offset printing but with the added step of a heat sensitive plastic powder that “bubbles” up when sent through a heating unit. When you rub your fingers over the piece it feels like it is raised off the sheet. We figured if this was the cheaper alternative to engraving wouldn’t it be fun if the customer couldn’t tell the difference. And that’s essentially what we’ve accomplished. There may not be an impression on the back but our pressmen can dial up the heat to the perfect temperature based on the stock, ink, and amount of impressions that will make what you see virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. And it won’t melt in your laser printers. That’s a good thing!

Custom Die Cutting

With all this thinking “outside the box”, unfortunately, printing is always confined to some sort of “box”. A designer has to create within a given space. Whether it be as small as a business card or the size of a building, there is a finite amount of space with which to create. But what if you could turn that box into a star, or a sunburst, or some wacky M.C. Escher melted looking watch. Well, with our custom die cutting capabilities we can turn that “box” into almost anything you can imagine.